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use the analysis to improve health 

The MyMicroZoo report will show the composition of your gut bacteria. Learn how food can influene its compostion.
  • MyMicroZoo collaborates with partners like dieticians, doctors and preventative-health institutes.
  • The MyMicroZoo report will help defining an individual diet and lifestyle plan.  
  • Our first PARTNER EVENT will take place on Thursday 8 februari 2018 in Leiden. For more information, click here.


How it works

Why would I check my gut bacteria?

"You are what you eat" is a known expression. Now MyMicroZoo enables you to check the real influence of your diet on your what you are.

Learn more about yourself.  Compare yourself with other; such as vegetarians, meat-eaters, and sport-fanatics, couch potatoes. Is my Micro Zoo in balance? Do I have the bacteria that are needed to digest everything in my diet? Do the test and see what effect a change in lifestyle has on your gut bacteria! Join in the discussion with fellow researchers on our forum! Who knows, your results might lead to the next great break-through for a healthier body and mind!

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How does it work?

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Your results

You will receive the results clearly presented right here in your own MyMicroZoo account.

In the near future we will provide an information booklet describing how the microbiota can influence your health. In addition we will enable you to compare your bacterial composition with others  and we will give examples on how a different diet can help you change your gut microbial composition.


You can see differences in your gut bacterial composition, for example, as a result of consumption of bacteria in foods and as a effect of dietary fibres.

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