Frequently asked questions

  • What is the gut microbiota?
    Please take a look at this following youtube clip on the microbiota.

    As you can see in the clip above, mouth, vagina and skin also contain microbes and we may also test for these in the future.

    Click here to see how bacteria rule over your body.
  • When can I expect My MicroZoo results?

    Your healthcare professional will receive your results 4 weeks after receipt of your test at the laboratory. You will receive notification that the results are completed be e-mail. 

  • Where are the stool samples processed?
    The samples are processed in the DNA Labaratory of Baseclear B.V. based on the Bioscience Park in Leiden, this company has 25 years experience processing and analysing DNA samples.
  • What happens if I collect my sample and I forget to send it on the same day?
    We will still be able to analysis the samples, but for the best accuracy and reliability of results we strongly recommend sending in your stool sample as soon as possible.
  • What should I do if I did not yet register my sample on using the unique code, but the sample was already shipped.

    The code is located on the front of the sampling box, on the instruction manual as well as the side of the tube with the green cap. If the tube was already sent to MyMicroZoo, please use any of the other duplicate codes to register the sample. Without a registered code, you will not be able to receive your results due to privacy regulations, so please follow the instructions provided in the kit to avoid confusion!

  • Are there certain medications that can interfere with my results?
    Yes, certain medications can interfere with test results. Studies show that prolonged antibiotic use can affect results. Please inform your Health Professional if you have taken antibiotics within the last year, as well as any other medication you are currently using.
  • Do I need to do anything to prepare for the test?
    No preparation is necessary, just take a pea size scoop of a fresh stool sample and send it back to us within the same day. For the results to be as useful as possible avoid testing the day after a party or other unsual eating or social events or after you have just finished a course of medication.
  • Am I still eligible for the test if I have any disease/illness?
    Yes, anyone is eligible to take the test. Please inform your Health Professional of any disease/illness prior to the test so that we can tailor your analysis accordingly.
  • What is included in my sampling kit?

    The MyMicroZoo sampling box contains:


    • A code (on the front of the sampling box and on the side of the tube with the green cap) which is necessary to register the sample before sending it to MyMicroZoo
    • A instruction guide  to collect the sample
    • A tube with green cap to collect the sample in
    • A sterile cotton swab to move the sample in the tube with green cap
    • A feces catch sticker with instruction to temporarily stick it to the toilet seat
    • A plastic bag with fluid absorbing material
    • A bubbelenvelop to send the sample back to us
    • And finally a flyer to give to you friends or family
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