Radio 1 (Dutch): " How healthy are you?"

In a recent (15th of January, 2020) radio broadcast on Dutch radio, attention was given to the microbiome. Prof. Remco Kort of the award-winning microbial museum 'Micropia' in Amsterdam was interviewed. From a recent research by Tierney et al. (2020), there seems to be a high correlation between human diseases in general, and the microbiome, relative to standard genetic testing (also called GWAS). The total probability of disease prediction by solely looking at microbiome related predictors, was on average higher than for GWAS studies. 

However, the methodology for microbiome studies is different from those used in GWAS studies. Also, the microbiome changes over time, and for microbiome studies there are currently no strict guidelines for determining causality with human diseases.

The interview can be found on the website of Radio 1.

Source: Tierney et al., 2020. Also see New Scientist