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The founders of MyMicroZoo all have a strong scientific background in microbiology, which has sparked their interest in the microbiota. As such we are keen to provide the most up to date information that is available on how the microbiota is shaped through lifestyle and nutrition and how changes can affect our health and well-being. Our aim is to provide customers with correct, scientifically based information that can stand up to any scrutiny.

Derek Butler, Co-founder and CEO 

Derek Butler completed a bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology at Dublin City University in 1995, specializing in Genetics and Immunology. He continued his studies at University College Cork and in 2001 received his PhD degree for work on the genetic regulation of lactic acid bacteria. He has more than 16 years of experience in the biotechnology industry focusing on microbiology and genomics. In 2015 he completed an executive MBA at TIAS Business school and is currently part of the management team of BaseClear B.V.
In addition to his work with MyMicroZoo, Derek has worked for the last 11 years for BaseClear B.V. where he has worked as head of the genome analysis department and more recently as Director of the Bianomics business unit. This business unit focuses on developing microbial genomics and microbiome related services to assist customers with their microbiological research and development projects. In addition, he works on a number of international collaborative research projects with universities and research institutes. 

Jos Seegers, Co-Founder & CSO

Jos obtained his PhD on molecular biology of lactic acid bacteria. After working for several years in prestigious international research institutes in Paris and Cork, Jos was hired by TNO to develop lactic acid bacteria as vaccines and therapeutics. This work was later carried on in a private enterprise that he founded. From working with probiotics it was a logical step to advance into the field of microbiota, the bacteria that inhabit all parts of our body that are in contact with the outer world. The gut microbiota is the most well-known and well-studied of these. Jos' ambition is to, through MyMicroZoo, let people become familiar with this fascinating world inside and on us and to make them aware of the incredible influence these tiny organisms have on our general well-being.
Next to the work for MyMicroZoo Jos is part of the management team of Caelus Health. This company focuses on the development of microbiota-derived products, aimed at cardiometabolic conditions such as diabetes, obesitas and (non-alcoholic) liver diseases. At Caelus, Jos is responsible for a range of activities from intellectual property, regulatory affairs to supervising research and development activities, mostly in collaboration with international institutes.

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