Microbiome Analysis

Viola Sampson is a Microbiome Analyst practising in London UK. She offers consultations at The Integrated Practice on Harley Street, as well as online and phone appointments. With advice on healthy eating, tailored to your unique gut bacterial profile, Microbiome Analysis takes much of the guesswork out of improving gut health, and can empower you with insights to support your overall wellbeing. Changes in the gut microbiome have now been linked to a wide range of health conditions – from digestive disorders such as IBS and IBD, to autoimmune diseases, obesity, and even depression and anxiety. Microbiome Analysis allows these findings from the forefront of medical research to be explored in practice, and the unique composition of each individual’s microbiome makes this a pioneering approach. 

As both a Craniosacral Therapist and Microbiome Analyst, Viola Sampson is committed to an integrated approach and enjoys a diverse practice, with special interests in chronic fatigue conditions, trauma recovery and digestive health. As one of the first practitioners in the UK offering this kind of Microbiome Analysis, she draws on her background as a biomedical research scientist, as well as cutting-edge trainings and peer-reviewed medical research in this exciting, emerging field. She also offers professional supervision to complementary therapists, and teaches seminars on how the microbiome is radically changing our understanding of health. 

(Consultations and test results do not include or substitute medical advice, nor do they provide a diagnosis of any condition.)

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