Queen Ferment

Hi! My name is Carolien de Kort, or Queen Ferment (Living Foods, Drinks & Bodycare).
We develop tasty biological pro- and prebiotic foods and beverages. All of our products are produced in a traditional manner, with accent on sustainability and quality. Additionally, we organize workshops and individual consultations.
Queen Ferment was started with the conviction to create a better world. I believe that the basis of health starts in the gut: not only physical health, but also mental health. I used to have stomach aches after meals, had difficulty losing weight and grew tired easily. Then I stumbled upon an article on the gut microbiota and how to ferment your own foods. That is where I started.
The result? The bloated feeling has disappeared, I have lost 5 kilograms in body weight and am back to my old level of energy. As a result, Queen Ferment was launched, based on the inspiration to help others with my new knowledge.
We know that every person is unique, which means everyone needs a personal diet an advice to improve health. What used to be guess-work, can now be scientifically supported with information from the microbiome analysis report.
Are you looking for heightened energy and improved sports performance? Are you looking for a scientifically backed personalized food and lifestyle advice? Do you have stomach or gut complaints and do you want to know what the causes are? Do you want to know how to improve your digestion and absorption of nutrients? If so, Queen Ferment can help you!
I would be happy to help you, and I would love hearing from you!
With kind regards,

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