Your Symbionts

Steven is manager of “YourSymbionts”. The company specializes in biotherapy, especially bacteriotherapy and helminthic therapy. Both therapies are offered as a support for conventional therapies for the treatment of gut related complaints, autoimmune diseases and allergies.

Healthy people interested in longevity who wish to explore their stool test results and talk about ways to create a more balanced microbiome can also contact YourSymbionts for a microbiome balancing private consultation.

Bacteriotherapy is the purposeful use of prebiotics, probiotics and eventually fecal matter transplantation for the recovery of a healthy microbiome. Our starting point herewith is always a microbiome analysis according to the 16S rRNA method, like the one from MyMicroZoo. Contrary to conventional culturing techniques the 16S rRNA maps the entire microbiome. Many of our gut symbionts are simply not to culture in a petri dish. Obtaining a complete picture of the microbiome is necessary to provide directed advice to correct the microbiome. The consistency of these tests also allows for a correct follow up of the treatment.

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