Personalised health advice 

  • What can I do to prevent illness?
  • How can I stay fit or become fitter?
  • What can I do to improve my physical or intellectual performance?

Health professionals often receive these questions because patients want to age gracefully and prevention is important. The importance of the microbiota, the composition of the different types of bacteria in the intestine, is becoming increasingly clear. The MyMicroZoo™ test analyses the bacterial composition of the microbiota. The MyMicroZoo report provides a detailed overview of the most common bacteria. A comprehensive overview of beneficial and less beneficial bacteria alongside suggestions how to influence those with diet and lifestyle, allows you to develop a tailormade lifestyle program for your clients. 

The microbiota plays an important role in health and vitality

MyMicroZoo has partnerships with nutritional therapists, dietitians and other health professionals working in preventive health. You, as a therapist or doctor, can use the MyMicroZoo™ report to offer your clients a tailormade nutrition and lifestyle program.

The microbiota analysis of MyMicroZoo is of exceptional quality. MyMicroZoo is a spin-off from the BaseClear Genomics laboratory located in the Bioscience Park in Leiden, The Netherlands. Together, the MyMicroZoo team has over 50 years of experience in the field of microbiology, microbiota and probiotics (see "About us") and is assisted by a highly experienced advisory board.

MyMicroZoo closely follows scientific research on the microbiota, and how to implement this in practice. The microbiota composition is a measure of health and can be influenced by diet, probiotics, prebiotics and lifestyle interventions. For example, it is known that probiotics can stimulate the immune system (Ashraf and Shan, 2014) and can possibly alleviate depression (Wallace and Milev, 2017).
Interpretation of the analysis may be novel for practitioners. The MyMicroZoo training curriculum provides insight into the microbiota, the interpretation of the analysis and how to implement this in practice. MyMicroZoo organizes frequent training events to support health professionals. 
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With our training package, we support you in gaining more insight into microbiota composition and giving better, more effective and measurable dietary and lifestyle advice.

How do you benefit from offering a MyMicroZoo analysis?
  • Offer clients who want to improve health insight into their microbiota and use this to develop tailormade personal advice
  • Stay tuned into the latest developments in health improvement
  • Participate in a community with a passion for prevention and positive health
  • MyMicroZoo offers training courses and webinars and will soon have a platform where the latest scientific publications are shared and questions discussed.
  • Access to information and advice from other MyMicroZoo partners, such as probiotics producers and nutritional experts.
  • Presence on our MyMicroZoo website
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