Blog post: Birte Meis

My name is Birte Meis and I am a second year Biomedical Sciences student at Maastricht University. During the last year, we were asked to gather information about possible career paths, by for instance doing a career interview with someone who is working outside of the University and has a biomedical background. I talked to a friend who told me about MyMicroZoo, and it sounded so interesting to me that I asked her to give me the contact so I could get more information about this company and what they do.
During the last two years, we came upon the microbiome several times, but my interests were more in other fields. However, interviewing an Operations Manager from MyMicroZoo really fascinated me. The company not only analyses the gut microbiome for research purposes, but they also analyse the microbiome for individuals. This personalized medicine is something that I am really interested in and that is a topic which gains more and more attention. The analysis of your own gut microbiome can show you if there is an imbalance and what you can do to get into homeostasis again, like for instance changing your diet. Because everybody is different, receiving this personal information and feedback makes treatment and therapy way more effective. I did not know that 90 % of the research performed on the gut microbiome was published in the last five years, there is a lot of research going on now. This implies that the knowledge will increase in the coming years, which will make treatment for every person even more effective.
Talking to someone who works for MyMicroZoo really raised my interest in this field. I think that the research in this field will get more attention in the coming years.