Blog post: interview for Management, Policy Analysis, and Entrepreneurship in Health and Life Sciences (VU Amsterdam)

My name is Madeline Broderick and I am currently a MSc student at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. My program is Management, Policy Analysis, and Entrepreneurship in Health and Life Sciences, of which I am currently attending the course Management of Innovative Technologies in Healthcare. For our course, we are asked to develop an innovation that we believe solves a relevant issue in healthcare and ultimately to structure this idea into a report.
My group members and I decided to focus our innovation on an ingestible microbiome sensor available as a commercial product to detect gut bacteria variability and overall gut health. This is especially relevant today as there is increasing evidence that correlates gut health to various diseases. To aid us in writing our report, we conducted interviews with different stakeholders to gain a holistic perspective of the issue and the industry.
MyMicroZoo was the first company I contacted for an interview as they offer a first-hand perspective into the commercial microbiome analysis industry and are based in the Netherlands. MyMicroZoo provided insight on what the consumer values in regard to their microbiome analysis kits. For example, having interpreted data with recommendations provided by practitioners and ensuring safe privacy standards by using a privacy officer were both important considerations. Additionally, the interview shed light on some of the advantages and disadvantages of an ingestible microbiome sensor compared to their testing kits. Overall, the information I gained from the interview will help in writing a stakeholder analysis and contribute to a more comprehensive evaluation of the current commercial microbiome testing industry.