Blog post door Sabrina de Oliviera

My name is Sabrina De Oliveira and I am a second year Biomedical Sciences student at
Maastricht University. One of my assignments this year was to organize a company visit
with a company in the life sciences field in which a biomedical scientist could potentially

I am extremely fascinated by the gut microbiome as well as its involvement in health.
Therefore, when researching for companies with whom I could organize a visit,
MyMicroZoo immediately stood out to me. I was obviously attracted by the mention of
the gut microbiome on their homepage but, with closer inspection, I understood their
close relationship to the general public through a product that allows for understanding of
one’s own microbiome composition. Since my interest lies in a more personalized
approach to the prevention and treatment of diseases, this service excited me.
Nevertheless, I did wonder how this product was possible when there exists limited
scientific knowledge on the topic due to it only being recently researched in depth. I
asked about this during the visit and was happy to hear that although this is an issue that
MyMicroZoo faces, they perform their own and support further research into the
microbiome as well as into technology that would allow for better microbiome analyses.
In addition to having an affinity for personalized treatment, I am also deeply interested in
a more holistic approach to medicine.

For this reason, I was thrilled to hear that MyMicroZoo works closely with microbiome-trained nutritionists who carry out
consultations with MyMicroZoo’s customers using their results. This bias towards
lifestyle rather than drug intervention is one of my priorities as a young scientist and it
gives me hope for my as well as society’s future that companies such as MyMicroZoo
exist and are succeeding.